Subexotic Collective

Radiant Crush promo

The Falls Tracer

Inner Space promo

Wonderful Beasts
Magic & Myth promo

Canzoni Di Buio E Luce promo

A Scream from Outer Space promo

Simon Klee
The Light of Elevation promo

The Central Office of Information
Shadow Work promo

Dogs Versus Shadows
The Lull of the Ley promo

Letters From Mouse
Tarbolton Bachelors Club promo

Hyacinth & The Central Office Of Information
Passing Cars In The Rain promo

Mirror Radius teaser

Goodparley & Ioan Morris

Spine chilling track Monad from the album Surroundings

Dogs Versus Shadows
Volte-Face promo

Solstice '21

Rotator's "An Introduction to Intention" showcases the Solstice '21 line-up.

Letters From Mouse
Evening Sun Through The Trees

Some homespun video footage by the artist, set in the very garden that inspired 'An gàrradh'.

Transient Visitor
Trip Switch

Transient Visitor's vibrant lock-down groove

Trig Point

Cub\cub goes back to where it all began in Trig Point

Dogs versus Shadows
Rosemary's Window

The track Rosemary's Window is taken from the new album A Billionth of a Second.

False Spring

The track False Spring is taken from the new album Memory Bliss.

Simon Klee
Phototaxis promo

Simon Klee track Sunspots from new album Phototaxis.

Dogs versus Shadows
Bombing Middle England promo

New Dogs versus Shadows album Bombing Middle England, featuring the track Antics Roadshow. 

Counter Silence
Pathways promo

New Counter Silence album Pathways, featuring the track The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Dogs versus Shadows
Sandskimma promo

Taster of Dogs versus Shadows album Sandskimma

Orbury Common
Building the Goddess Temple

The Summer Solstice pre-order

Dogs versus Shadows
Lima Papa

Flickering surveillance paranoia is coming to a screen near you.

Simon Klee
When the threat has passed

Skyward pirouettes courtesy of Travis Holloway's original film footage 'ufo over galisteo'.

Simon Klee
It Got Wet, Then It Broke

A journey into a pulsating fractured twilight, gathered during Simon Klee’s wanderings.

Counter Silence

Mash-up of Counter Silence’s own footage of Southend seafront, where the cold grey sea/sky meets a dazzling arcade kaleidoscope.

Blank Disco

Re-imagined from the original film ‘Cymatique’ by Florian Di Maggio. Edited by kind permission of the filmmaker.

Counter Silence

Based on an original film by Tess Allard (Jeremy Exists), shot in 2010 on one of the last batches of Kodachrome stock ever to be processed.

The Fractal Skulls
Live at the Sebright Arms

Extract of The Fractal Skulls’ live performance for cult promoters Upset The Rhythm, at The Sebright Arms, Bethnal Green, London on 23/01/2013. Engaging, mesmerising and joyful… (broken only momentarily by an unscheduled entrance stage right).

The Fractal Skulls
Foreign Bed

Artist and filmmaker Matthieu Séry, provides an engagingly hypnotic backdrop for the track Foreign Bed, taken from The Fractal Skulls’ debut album Rayleigh Scattering.

The Fractal Skulls
Good Girl

Produced in collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Grey. Released to tie-in with the track’s inclusion on The Wire magazine’s Wire Tapper 29 compilation CD and forthcoming album Rayleigh Scattering.

Blank Disco
Where Are They Now?

Produced by Blank Disco’s Dan Seville in collaboration with Martyn Gibson of Sunfish. Originally constructed in 24 hours with a blend of low resolution stop-motion photography and HD video. Released to tie-in with the track’s inclusion on The Wire magazine’s Wire Tapper 27 compilation CD.

Blank Disco
Even Numbers

Directed and animated by Andrew Brewer of WhiskasFx, and released to tie in with Blank Disco’s debut album, From Zero. This is the director’s cut version of the video, featuring some graphic enhancements made subsequent to the original release. WhiskasFx have also produced videos for Max Cooper and Piemont.

Blank Disco

Lo-fi mashup of found footage assembled by Subexotic. Enjoy the ride!