Transient Visitor TV1

12" vinyl Catalogue Number: SUBEX00024
Download Catalogue Number: SUBEX00025
General Release Date: 12/02/2021

Transient Visitor-TV1

12" heavyweight silver vinyl edition.

Transient Visitor are Alex Cargill and Martin Jensen of The Central Office of Information and The Home Current respectively. Formed in March 2020 when most of Europe was deep in lockdown due to Covid-19, Alex and Martin decided that the music should still flow, thus forming Transient Visitor and setting out on a mission to record a collaborative album together-apart in Kent, UK, and Luxembourg on the continent. TV1 is the first instalment from this process. Eight tracks unlocked and now being released into an uncertain world in the humble hope that it might help bring smiles to ears.

TV1 is dedicated to Ray Cargill (1951-2020), Alex's father who sadly fell victim to Covid-19 and passed away earlier in the year.