Simon Klee Phototaxis

12" Vinyl Catalogue Number: SUBEX00030
Download Catalogue Number: SUBEX00031
General Release Date: 25/09/2020

Simon Klee-Phototaxis

Simon Klee's latest release with Subexotic is a joy to behold.

Phototaxis (i.e. the movement of certain animals towards light -positive, or away -negative), sees Klee take inspiration from light, nature and in particular positivity.

"There is something about positive phototaxis, that moving your whole body toward the light, that really resonates."

Ever curious about how such observable natural phenomena can reflect and define ones spiritual outlook, Klee delivers his own scintillating, irrepressible journey towards the light.


Subterrania // Exotica // Electronica

Various experiments in electronic music since 2010


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