Dogs Versus Shadows & Simon Klee Music for Nature Documentaries

Compact Disc Catalogue Number: SUBEX00052
Download Catalogue Number: SUBEX00053
General Release Date: 09/04/2021

Dogs Versus Shadows & Simon Klee-Music for Nature Documentaries

Lee Pylon and Simon Klee illuminate the fascinating world of the television nature documentary. These lively, playful interpretations serve as both an homage to the infinite variety of the natural world, and a heartfelt reminiscence of long lost Sunday evenings in front of the telly.

“I’ve always loved those old nature documentary footage reels and the intimately filmed work of people like F. Percy Smith. Inspired by Tindersticks excellent ‘Minute Bodies’ which soundtracks some of Smith’s work, I sketched out some ideas of my own, whilst immersing myself in the scratchy, grainy, hazy worlds of these bygone documentarists. I thought it would interesting to compliment my ideas with someone else’s take on nature documentary music and contacted label-mate Simon Klee.” Lee Pylon (Dogs versus Shadows)

“When Lee contacted me about collaborating on a release my first reaction was an emphatic ‘yes’ and when he told me his vision for the release I was totally sold. Music to me is not only an auditory experience but also a highly visual one so I’m always seeking sounds, textures, rhythms etc. that help me tell a story and the images through which to convey it. The process of creating music with such a clearly defined vision has been a real thrill and I hope that you, the listener, can get the sense of natural wonder, of juvenile fun, and of the hunter and the hunted that were flowing through my mind as I create these tracks” Simon Klee