Konstantinos Giazlas (aka Onepointwo) hails from Thessaloniki, Greece and sites influences from the late 50s electronic experimental sounds, motorik, krautrock, lush shoegaze melodies and modern electronica. Talking about his creative outlook, Kostas says:

"I continually look to emulate a musical journey into space, time, memories and frequencies".

This journey is conducted with the use of minimal electronics, abstract and distorted shortwave radio signals, dystopian soundscapes, all carefully wrung out from criss-crossing digital and analog sources. Fused with a passion for heavy effects and percussive sounds, Onepointwo forges these intricate soundscapes into finely wrought motifs that repeat and build to create a shimmering psychedelic impact.

His previous discography includes Keene (Poeta Negra) / SANS (Lotus RecordShop Editions) and various appearances & remixes on domestic label compilations. 2020 brought about 2 album releases on highly regarded cult UK labels Miracle Pond and Woodford Halse, garnering a slew of positive reviews, including the prestigious Electronic Sound Magazine.



Subterrania // Exotica // Electronica

Various experiments in electronic music since 2010


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