Blank Disco

Blank Disco is primarily the musical persona of British based electronica artist Dan Seville. Although Dan’s musical activities have their roots in experiments going back to the mid ‘80s (including 4 tracks and computer music powered by the ZX Spectrum) his Blank Disco project only started to take full shape in 2009, since when he has embarked on a concentrated process of developing and refining his sound aesthetic, combining elements of techno, ambient and field recordings to effect his skewed vision of the contemporary landscape. Dan achieved some critical success with his first official release ‘From Zero’ (notably airtime on BBC Radio’s legendary Late Junction), before having to take a reluctant step back from releasing his own music, whilst concentrating on setting-up, and running, the vinyl lathe cutting workshop One Cut Vinyl. Happily, Dan has made a welcome return to music with a second release on Subexotic Records, the Data Slut EP. With more projects in the pipeline, Dan is now focused on producing a series of handcrafted vinyl releases in the coming year.

Dan is, by his own admission, addicted to making tunes, and is engaged in a continuous process of sonic exploration and development. He is particularly interested in enhancing a sense of physical presence in digital music, often using the ebb and flow of resonating tones as an engaging sonic texture, with a mesh of sounds looking to reflect themes of human expression, and our place in the landscape.



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Various experiments in electronic music since 2010


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