Blank Disco Live


Blank Disco marked the end of 2011 with a live performance in Camden, London, which included a preview of some new material due out in 2012.

The Wire


We are delighted to announce that Blank Disco’s track “Where are they now?” has been featured as the opening track on the prestigious Wire Tapper CD – November 2011 edition of The Wire.

To celebrate this, Martyn Gibson (Sunfish.Tv) and Dan Seville have produced an accompanying music video, originally constructed in 24 hours with a blend of low resolution stop-motion photography and HD video.

Subexotic online store now live


Subexotic have entered the world of e-commerce, with our new online store now up and running. We’ll be making all Subexotic releases available in physical and digital formats through the store, in addition to a growing range of stylish T-shirts, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for new products.

Blank Disco’s ‘From Zero’ is released on Cargo and Believe Digital


Blank Disco’s ‘From Zero’ is released on Cargo and Believe Digital. The new release has been hailed as ‘Thing of the Day’ by the cult voice of music, art and underculture The Organ:

BLANK DISCO – From Zero (Sub Exotic) – Soothingly organic feel to this machine driven electronic music; instrumental repetitiveness of a quietly glowing, positive nature. Blank Disco is the name London electronic artist Dan Seville is currently operating under. From Zero is a slowly evolving, subtle piece of work – bright, tingly, alive, refreshing…

Nothing that ground breaking, nothing that far away from a lot of current instrumental electronica, yet somehow just a little bit better than most. Just gently enjoyable, colourfully good; imaginative, unobvious, satisfying machine-driven goodness… sometimes that’s more than enough.

From Zero, the new album from Blank Disco, is out on June 13th

From Zero Release Date


We can now confirm that the official release date for From Zero by Blank Disco will be 13th June 2011. Stay tuned for more information about Blank Disco live dates.

Subexotic Debut Release


Subexotic are pleased to announce that their first release, From Zero by Blank Disco, is scheduled to hit the racks soon. This is the debut album from the band, featuring ten tracks incorporating strands of electronica, techno, ambient and field recordings.

From Zero maps a territory of shifting and subtle moods, exploring an ambiguous emotional borderline between aching melancholy and intangible elation. Highlights include the off-kilter metronomic euphoria of ‘Midsummer’, and the bubbling electronics and subliminal whispers insinuating their way through ‘Even numbers’. On ‘Blind faith’ skittering percussion is eccentrically orbited by radiophonic synth, while the languorous throb of processed crackle and hiss on ‘Last transmission’ evokes the final vestiges of a pale sun disappearing over the horizon. The oasis at the heart of the album is provided by the gauzy reverie of ‘Where are they now?’, whose daubs of reverberant bass recall the mood of some of John Martyn’s most horizontal 1970s sonic explorations.

From Zero will be available to buy on CD and via download. Details of official release date and stockist will be finalised shortly. We think Blank Disco are destined for big things, and we hope you’ll agree.

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