New Counter Silence release

Southend based composer/producer Counter Silence’s third studio release is the sparkling EP ‘This is only part of the story’.

Starting with brief piano phrases, and raw sounds from either field recordings of Southend seafront, and / or recordings of everyday objects hit, brushed and scraped. Theses are then layered over over, changing tempo or processing to carve it anew, to create a new sonic landscape.

These tracks are conceived with the idea of a relationship, a concatenation of brief meetings, or moments; from its beginning to a possible ending. These moments are not meant to be taken particularly literally, but are about the feelings and reactions both good and bad that occurs during the lifetime of a relationship, if only glimpsed, for we only ever know part of the story.

The limited edition lathe cut transparent vinyl EP bundle comes beautifully packaged within artwork specially produced by Counter Silence. Release date 28/2/2020.