The Fractal Skulls sign to Subexotic

The Fractal Skulls


Subexotic are pleased to reveal the newest addition to our artist roster, The Fractal Skulls.

Using the basic building blocks of analogue generated loops and minimalist drone, The Fractal Skulls weave subtly evolving patterns of hypnotic sound to produce kosmische music that transcends the sum of its deceptively simple parts. The man behind the Skulls is 24 year old High Wycombe based Chris Smith, a studio engineer by day, whose recorded work first emerged on a brace of limited edition cassette/CD-R releases in 2010-11.

Drawing influences from the classic Krautrock of Cluster and Harmonia, as well dub pioneers like King Tubby, The Fractal Skulls also bear obvious comparison to some of the more recent artists who have done so much to put analogue electronics back at the top of the agenda – names like Oneohtrix Point Never and Peaking Lights inevitably spring to mind.

Chris is currently hard at work on his debut full length opus, which is scheduled for release on Subexotic in 2012. We’re very excited about how the album is taking shape – it will be Subexotic’s first vinyl output, and plans for limited edition artwork to accompany early copies mean this is going to be something extra special. We hope to be able to announce details of some live appearances nearer the release date as well.

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